Promised Land Sound – For Use and Delight [album review]

October 21, 2015

A couple of years ago, Promised Land Sound released their s/t debut. It was a solid album, and one I labeled as, “showing a band with great potential”. Well, that potential is met and then some on their sophomore effort, For Use and Delight. Its one thing to have great influences – Big Star, The [...]

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Thunderbitch – s/t debut [album review]

October 20, 2015

Brittany Howard is a once in a generation talent. There is no denying that. To that, she has the privilege of sharing the stage with many amazing talents, including legends like Mavis. And I’m sure she has fielded numerous inquiries for studio work. That’s the way it works isn’t it. Rise up out of nowhere [...]

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Blitzen Trapper – All Across This Land [album review]

October 5, 2015

Photo by Jason Quiqley If you had any questions on what Blitzen Trapper’s eight album was going to be about, the second track definitively answered that question. Rock and Roll (Was Made For You) is a testament to how once rock and roll gets into your system, its in there for good. Lead singer Earley [...]

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Nico Yaryan signs to Partisan Records, debut due in 2016

October 1, 2015

Photo by Clayton Crocker Nico Yaryan was the touring drummer for Hanni El Khatib, a buddy from high school. As he stated, “After a while, it wasn’t really doing much for me,” he says. “I wasn’t creating, I wasn’t contributing. It was always Hanni’s thing, which is great – it was a good job! – [...]

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Son Little announces s/t debut – 10/16/15

September 30, 2015

I first heard about Son Little back around March. Since then I have been on the fence regarding his music. Kinda depended on which way the wind blew. But this track just won we over. Its a simple, beautiful track that just lets his talent shine on through. It makes me want to go home [...]

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together PANGEA announce The Phage EP, out 10/30/15

September 29, 2015

together PANGEA have announced the release of their Tommy Stinson produced EP. After opening for The Replacements this past spring, Lead singer William Keegan is back pushing his vocal chords to the limits. As for the titel,’The Phage’ is essentially cabin fever, whether it be a cabin or a tour van that you’re trapped in [...]

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Futurebirds – Hotel Parties [album review]

September 28, 2015

Photo by David McClister As I alluded to in my post announcing Hotel Parties, Futurebirds don’t often shy away from a party. And why would you when you are in your early twenties and tasting your first bits of success. People are coming out to your shows in droves, you’re growing random facial hair and [...]

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Kurt Vile – b’lieve i’m goin down [album review]

September 24, 2015

Slacker rock. That’s the label that Kurt Vile was tagged with. Its easy to understand. Vile’s vocals don’t exactly scream out of the speaker. His tunes don’t sonically explode like a Lee Bains track. They just kinda amble into your ears, noodling a way into your psyche. So I’ve built this persona around Kurt that [...]

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Mount Moriah release new track, announce 7″

September 22, 2015

Long time HearYa favorites, Mount Moriah, have released a new track to tide you over until they release their third LP. Here’s a little on the 7″ – “Calvander” adds sprightly horns to the beauty of Heather McEntire’s powerful voice as she narrates a fierce journey toward redemption. A demo “garage rock” version of new [...]

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The Roadside Graves – Acne/Ears [album review]

September 18, 2015

The Roadside Graves are the most underrated American band going. That is fact, not opinion. The alt-country band from Jersey has been kicking out amazing album after amazing album for over 10 years now. Over that time as hopes for turning music into a full-time gig and the lavish mansions that come it with faded, [...]

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