Diarrhea Planet – Aliens In The Outfield out on 11/18

October 3, 2014

If you’ve never seen Diarrhea Planet, you are really missing something. Imagine six dudes playing as if they are lit on fire, with stage-diving, multiple guitar solos going on at the same time and the whole venue going ape-shit. Here is a track from their upcoming EP, called Aliens In The Outfield. The track is [...]

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Luke Winslow-King – Everlasting Arms [album review]

September 26, 2014

In my review of his Bloodshot debut, The Coming Tide, I compared Luke Winslow-King (LWK) to Justin Townes Earle (JTE). For one they both have three names. Second, they both have a dedication to the way music used to be and the ability to pull it off. I caught LWK’s set at the Bloodshot SXSW [...]

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King Tuff – Black Moon Spell [album review]

September 24, 2014

My parents didn’t have the best taste in music growing up. I don’t have great stories of us sitting around listening to The Beach Boys, Otis Redding or The Beatles. Just wasn’t there thing. So when I finally discovered rock n’ roll, I was captivated. My first dalliance was mostly with metal bands. It was [...]

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Hollis Brown release new track – Wait For Me Virginia

September 18, 2014

For those unfamiliar with Hollis Brown. They are a quintet out of Queens, not Brooklyn. They play a brand of Americana that will remind you of CCR. Their debut LP, Ride On The Train was top-notch and wound up at #25 in the 2013 version of HearYa’s Top 50. 2014 has seen them release a [...]

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Sallie Ford – Slap Back out on 10/1

September 17, 2014

I was a fan of Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside. They played a brand of in-your-face rock-a-billy that wasn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. She had a kicking band including guitarist Jeffrey Munger who was especially fantastic. But Sallie wanted to move and realize her dream of fronting an all-female rock band. So [...]

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Delta Spirit – Into The Wide [album review]

September 16, 2014

Delta Spirit worked their way into our hearts with their passionate brand of Americana via their first two albums – Ode To Sunshine & History From Below. I can still remember the first time I saw them at Buffalo Billiards at SXSW. It was a midnight show on Saturday night and I was flat out [...]

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Other Lives debut new tune from Green Man Festival

September 15, 2014

Photo by Coco VanWyngarden You won’t find a publication, website or twitter account that loves Other Lives more than HearYa. We’ve been lucky enough to have them in for two sessions. So when a new track surfaces, that is a cause for celebration at HearYa. The track is title I Need A Line and is [...]

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Israel Nash Gripka- Rain Plains [album review]

September 12, 2014

I love Jonathan Wilson’s music. Wilson’s take on the 70s Americana and Laurel Canyon is unparalleled. Thus I can’t think of any higher compliment to Nash’s 3rd LP Rain Plains, than to say it reminds me of Wilson’s work. Rain Plains is nine songs long but every tune washes over you in no worry with [...]

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Hiss Golden Messenger – Lateness Of Dancers [album review]

September 9, 2014

When I read that Michael Taylor, the main component of Hiss Golden Messenger, had compiled William Tyler, Megafaun members Phil and Brad Cook, Mountain Man member Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, and long-time musical cohort Scott Hirsch for his Merge debut; I was literally giddy with excitement. That is a collection of pros, not making music for any [...]

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Justin Townes Earle – Single Mothers [album review]

September 8, 2014

Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins Justin Townes Earle has never been shy about sharing his opinion. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with him a few times. While some can find him or his Twitter outbursts to be caustic; I’ve always found him to be charming. If you could levy any complaint [...]

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