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I didn’t know what to expect from Fear and Saturday Night when it was announced. Truth be told – his last effort, Tomorrowland, is probably the last Bingham record I reach for when I need a fix of the LA based artist. But upon hearing a 3 song advance way back in October, I was fairly convinced that Fear and Saturday Night would become the Bingham record I would be reaching for the most now, and years to come.

I have been listening to Fear and Saturday night so much since I got the advance copy that it feels as if it has been released for a year now. I almost feel a bit of a guilt that I have been enjoying it so much. Fear and Saturday Night reminds me of another HearYa favorite, Jason Isbell’s Southeastern and Strand of Oaks’ HEAL. Both of those albums are personal, cathartic and show the signs of coming out of a dark time.

For the writing process, Bingham holed himself up in an Airstream trailer in the LA mountains. From there he penned tracks to his unborn child, Broken Heart Tattoos; songs about redemption, Nobody Knows My Trouble and the mariachi tinged The Adventures of You and Me. Throughout every tune, Bingham’s lyrics and delivery flies in the face of the corporate country machine. Bingham could have easily built on his 2010 Oscar win for Thee Weary Kind and became a watered-down version of himself.

Instead, he formed his own record company, Bingham Anxster Records and has delivered the first great record of 2015. If you thought Southeastern was a truly phenomenal album, run don’t walk to pick up Fear and Saturday Night.

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Nude Beach – 77 [album review]

by Woody on November 19, 2014


I feel like I’ve been waiting on this one for a while. Just last year, Nude Beach commenced The Hideout’s Block Party in September 2013. As they tore through their set, loyal HearYa pal – El Jefe, warmed to their power-pop charms. I told him I thought a new album should be out in the fall. No doubt about it. Well, I was only off by one year but the wait was well worth. 77 picks up where 11 left off; combining the straight forward riffs of 70s punk with the sensibility of classic rock. Nearly every review you read will name-drop Petty, Costello and The Mats; with good reason.

The double-album bangs away for 16 songs; tweaking different elements throughout to keep your interest piqued. And that’s no easy feat for a band that at its core is a bar band. Then just when your interest may be waning, they unleash a 10 minute opus with I Found You. The track could have easily faded around the four-minute mark and left you satisfied. Instead the trio launch into spic jam that is reminiscent of a bad bands drunkenly jamming at 1AM, feeling their way though chord progressions. It is magic and I wish more bands would incorporate that devil-may-care attitude into one or two songs on their albums

Rock n’ Roll is in good hands with Nude Beach. Make a point of seeing them live. It is a much safe endeavor that searching for live Nude Beach videos.

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To the best knowledge Nude Beach is not on Twitter. They are on Facebook.


Elijah Ocean – Bring It All In [album review]

by Woody on November 12, 2014


Elijah Ocean is an Americana artist out of the LA area. His latest release, Bring It All In, is an absolute stunner of an album. Combining elements of Joe Pug, Hiss Golden Messenger and Whiskeytown makes it such a delight to listen to. The album was recorded over the course of a weekend with Ocean’s friends giving it a nice organic feel that makes it sound like a live recording.

The album is comprised of eight tracks and each one is a winner. My personal favorite is Alarms, a track littered with fiddle and steel. It tells the story of the genesis of a relationship and is every bot as good as stuff that Ryan Adams was penning during Whiskeytown and his early solo stuff.

I can’t believe he’s not getting more notice for such an incredible piece of work. Granted, the alt-country arena is quite full and it takes a lot to stand out. I think Ocean’s album does that and is worthy of your time. Hoping me makes his way to SXSW or Chicago this year. Need to see this cat live.

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Greylag – s/t debut [album review]

by Woody on November 3, 2014


Greylag are a folk band that sounds like they were a metal band at one time. In my twisted world, Greylag were a rocking metal band from Portland that were coerced into doing an unplugged show for some local Wilamette charity. Upon the completion, they decided to give this folk thing a go full time. Being that Greylag claim everything from Zeppelin to Elliot Smith to xxx, there were surely lines to be blurred.

Greylag, named after a wild goose, is comprised of Andrew Stonestreet (lead vocal, acoustic guitar), Daniel Dixon (lead guitar & other stringed things, keyboards) and Brady Swan (drums). For their full-length debut, they employed Phil Ek at the knobs. Ek best known for his work with other NW acts such as Built To Spill, Fleet Foxes and Band of Horses to name a few heard something he liked when

Yours To Shake and Arms Unknown, the second and third tracks on the album bring out my inner Butt-Head. Watch the video for Yours To Shake below and tell me you’re screaming Rock!!! Rock!!! about a minute in. The tune about a fiery relationship builds slowly before kicking in, with some Zeppelin-esque guitars. The lyrics throughout, as well as the album cover, give off this 70s feel when Zeppelin ruled the world.

With their self-titled debut, Greylag have crafted one of my favorite debut LPs of the year. I love bands that combine folk with a 70s metal feel. While a band like Black Mountain tends to fall more on the metal side of the fence, Greylag falls decidedly on the folk side. Whatever side of the fence you land on, you’ve got two excellent bands.

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O’Death – Out Of Hands We Go [album review]

October 22, 2014

One day I was running car pools and I had O’Death playing in the car. A few minutes into the ride, one of the kids asked who I was listening to? Upon hearing my response and listening to a few tracks, I was asked, “why do I listen to this music? It seems real sad.” [...]

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Elliott BROOD – Work and Love [album review]

October 21, 2014

The term Dad rock is consistently used a derogatory term. I’m a 44 year old father and I like to rock. I go to more shows than kids half my age, don’t watch The Voice and own red sneakers. So forgive me if I take offense at the term. Work and Love has made an [...]

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Fly Golden Eagle – Quartz Bijou [album review]

October 17, 2014

Fly Golden Eagle comes at you from Nashville and they are decidedly not country. What they are is something I’ll let you answer for yourself. Quartz Bijou is a delirious mess of an album comprising of 12 tunes. It was originally a 26 song epic based upon a 1973 film titled The Holy Mountain; a [...]

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Robert Plant – lullaby and … The Ceaseless Roar [album review]

October 16, 2014

I had totally forgotten about Robert Plant’s new album until seeing him on the Colbert Report last week. The interview was fantastic as Colbert & Plant bantered back and forth – two masters at play; including Plant handing Colbert a joint. Then Plant hit the stage with a ripping his band, The Sensational Shape Shifters [...]

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Steve Gunn – Way Out Weather [album review]

October 10, 2014

Photo by Constance Mensh Steve Gunn hadn’t registered on my radar until I discovered Hiss Golden Messenger via the Paradise of Bachelors label. From there I picked up some other great artists such as Promised Land Sound and Steve Gunn. Time Off was Gunn’s 2012 effort. And while late to the party, it soon found [...]

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Ex Hex – Rips [album review]

October 7, 2014

I recently had the displeasure of being involved in a conversation of how hot J-Lo looked in her new video for a crap-tastic tune titled Booty. Are you fucking kidding me? Who cares? I had recently become privy to Rips by the female trio of Ex Hex. So I chimed in, “You know what I [...]

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