Advertisement – American Advertisement (album review)

by Woody on July 17, 2020

Photo – Grayson Whitmire

Advertisement are a six piece of an interconnected group of childhood friends that grew up on the fringes of the Seattle area and their debut gets better with every listen. They’ve had various iterations as a punk band before landing on Advertisement. As I just so eloquently described them, they sound like someone blended up Kurt Vile with The Moondoggies and then sprinkled a liberal does of punk flavor on top. What does that mean? Fuck if I know, but I like it.

Pretty Money is a slow burner that really leans into that Vile influence. The guitars weave around each other in a haze as Charlie Hoffman’s vocals amble out of the speakers. A couple of track on the back half that stand out are Velvet Queen which has a hint of Stones boogie in it and Shipwrecked Hearts which will agree with you if you have enjoyed recent efforts by The Nude Party and Rookie.

All in all, put these guys on your radar. And once live music is allowed again, gobble up a gummy and ease into a fun evening of rocking.

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