Half Gringa announces Force To Reckon for 8/28 release

by Woody on June 25, 2020

Photo by Rachel Winslow

Half Gringa, aka Chicago singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Isabel “Izzy” Olive, has announced her sophomore LP, Force To Reckon, due out August 28, 2020. I came upon her 2017 debut, Grunona last year and couldn’t spin it enough. Based on the first track, it would appear that Force To Reckon will suffer the same fate. Here’s some info on the first track.

Of “1990,” Olive offers, “Sometimes the past creeps in slowly and sometimes it jumps out and surprises me. Whenever I have an unprompted flashback because of a situation, phrase, smell, etc.—this song is about that. I try not to let intrusive thoughts about the past get in my way of moving forward, and I wanted this song to give them a positive energy so it’s fuel instead of a dead end.”

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