Jess Williamson – Sorceress (album review)

by Woody on June 10, 2020

Photo Credit: Kathryn Vetter Miller

Jess Williamson’s music hits me the hardest as the day sinks into night, the sun gently setting and easing into hiding for a few hours. Williamson’s blending of folk, twang and psych rock washes the day away as her breathy vocals float in the evening as the dusk sky turns to dark.

Smoke is damn good opening track but its the back half of the album where Williamson really finds a groove. How Ya Lonesome is a sweeping cinematic track where Williamson’s vocals seem to hang in the air, kept afloat by gentle keys. Rosaries At The Border is an earthy tune built on on a meditative acoustic riff. The closing track, Gulf of Mexico is stunning and stands among Williamson’s best tracks. Synths are layered into to provide a bottom for the track as Williamson’s vocals bubble up on occasion.

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