Jaime Wyatt – Neon Cross (album review)

by Woody on June 8, 2020

Photo By Magdalena Wosinska

As I get older I have tried to get better about delineating music based on gender. Good music is good music and it doesn’t matter if it is him/her/them. But I’d be lying if the sound of a perfect female voice singing impeccable twang doesn’t make my hair stand up like nothing else. Neon Cross is one of those albums and Jaime Wyatt has one of those voices. I haven’t been blown away by a female Americana artist’s LP since Margo Price’s Midwest Farmer

Wyatt’s vocals and lyrics are awash with a rawness and honesty that aligns with Price. There was no sugar-coating on her EP, Felony Blues, that dug into her troubled past with addiction. After the EP, in the midst of this battle and the deaths of her father and best friend, Wyatt came out as gay. All of these massive life events permeates her music.

LIVIN is a honkytonk masterpiece, showing a steely resolve to move on with life in spite of all the past pain and the future challenges. Mercy is a powerful ballad that Wyatt absolutely nails, it is hits the listener right between the eyes. Rattlensnake Girl is a foot-stomping honky-tonk of a track demanding acceptance and celebrating one’s place in the world.

Can’t say enough good things about Wyatt. I’m glad she’s found some peace and wish her well in her career and in life.

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