Momma announce Two of Me is out June 5th

by Woody on May 13, 2020

Mathew James-Wilson/Courtesy of the artist

Momma is the LA based foursome led by co-singers/guitarists/songwriters Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten. I had planned to take in one of their sets in Austin this year but that all went to shit. Anyway, onward and upward is set to be released via the fine folks at Danger Collective Records on June 5th. This tune is catchy as fuck.

Inspired by songwriters like Kim Deal, Liz Phair, and Elliott Smith, Friedman and Weingarten developed a knack for dynamic song structure and gripping lyrics fused by a dulcet pop sensibility. Two of Me is made up of fictional vignettes dealing with morality, youth, and punishment, that the duo have populated with tragic heroes from their imagination and placed in The Bug House. “The Bug House represents this sort of underground purgatory or hell that people are sent to as punishment,” Weingarten explains. “Two of Me’s songs are about coming to terms with the side of you within yourself that is maybe capable of darker things.” Momma’s second full length unfolds like a small town drama, where characters like video stringers and young lovers experience poetic justice in carnivalesque settings, detailed through Friedman and Weingarten’s illustrative lyrics.

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