Deau Eyes – Let It Leave (album review)

by Woody on May 12, 2020

Photo by Joel Arbaje

Deau Eyes aka VA-based singer/songwriter Ali Thibodeau might be traveling the “same path” as Lucy Dacus – hailing from Richmond, VA and releasing music on Egg Hunt Records. But after spinning her debut LP on repeat this past weekend, I am constantly reminded one of one my favorite current songwriters; Lilly Hiatt. Like Lilly, the music eyes is rooted in Americana but with the perfect mix of indie bled in to give it some real grit.

Co-produced by Jacob Blizard (Lucy Dacus) and Collin Pastore (illuminati hotties), this album is chock full of earworms. Opener, Some Do is like a modern day 9 to 5, if the protagonist said fuck this, I don’t want to do this any more and I am going to follow my dreams (great video as well). Miner and Raven is my favorite track on the album, buoyed by a haunting cryptic guitar lick. I love the sequencing on the album, as that rocker is followed by the acoustic Parallel Time; a track where Thibodeau’s vocals really make you step up and take notice. The Bow is a perfect closing track. At time, it feels like the track is about to come apart at the seams only for her to pull it all back in a big sweeping finale.

Thibodeau has got legit chops and not taking in a set at SXSW really sucks. She would have blown up down there. But with talent like this, ain’t no pandemic stopping her ascent.

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Deau Eyes is here

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