Dehd announces Flower of Devotion for 7/17 release

by Woody on May 11, 2020

Photo Credit: Alexa Viscius

Dehd, the Chicago trio Emily Kempf (vocals/bass), Jason Balla (vocals/guitar), and Eric McGrady (drums) are set to follow up on 2019’s Water with Flower of Devotion via the fine folks at Fire Talk Records. The first track seems to portend to an album that seems a little more. Here’s some info from the PR team.

The trio went into the album’s writing and recording with clear minds, ready to take what they’d learned the last time around and refine it further. “The last record, the vibe was ‘How minimal can it be? What’s the minimum that a song requires to succeed?’ This one was like, ‘How can we make this thing that’s really powerful?,” says Balla. Kempf clarifies: “We didn’t become more perfectionist. We’ve always been really scrappy, but we decided to polish our scrappiness just a little bit.”

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