Other Lives – For Their Love

by Woody on April 27, 2020

Other Lives is one of my favorite bands. We did a couple of live sessions during tours for their first two albums. Each member of the band would be performing a dizzying array of tasks during each tune while sounding like they were just coming up with on the fly. It was this perfect balance of foresight without sounding scripted. Their last album, Rituals, seemed to lose a bit of that natural feeling to it.

On For Their Love, they are back to their best selves. The second track, Lost Day, begins with a guitar riff that is vintage Other Lives before morphing into a track awash in strings and backing vocals as you float entrapped in the tune. I literally get angry when that track ends. We Wait feels like a tune belonging to a dark indie movie set in the mountains. Jesse Tabish’s vocals are the perfect combination of anguish and impetuousness.

I used to joke with Shirk during our sessions that I wanted to lie down on the floor of the studio and just let their music envelop me. I don’t know how else to describe it and frankly speaking, I need another dozen or so listens before I could even begin to break down this album. But let me tell you; this is a special piece of work.

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