Liam Kazar – Shoes Too Tight

by Woody on April 14, 2020

Photo Credit: Alexa Viscius

Liam Kazar first came on my radar with Kids These Days and then really won me over with Marrow, his album with Ohmme’s Macie Stewart. Since then I’ve seen him play with Tweedy and I’ve been patiently waiting for his solo album. Looks like we’re getting close. Some info from the PR team.

“Shoes Too Tight” is born from the strange and quick combination of the well-worn sound of a clavinet, blended with whatever noise you get when you turn on that weird synth sitting in the corner of the studio. The track features childhood friends Lane Beckstom (bass) and Spencer Tweedy (drums), who have shared stages with Kazar since they were young, plus vocals from Ohmme. It follows a single theme through all its nooks and crannies to a warm, tender end; a collage of lyrics that deal with lost time, lost chance, and the reconciliation of the two. In the accompanying video, directed by Austin Vesely and shot at Chicago’s Constellation, he and his background dancers channel 60s crooners, Lindsay Kemp, and Kazar’s own contemporary groove, daring you not to join them.

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Liam Kazar is here

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