Melkbelly – PITH (album review)

by Woody on April 7, 2020

Photo Credit: Ariella Miller

Chicago’s, Melkbelly deliver the goods on an album that will have you air-drumming yourself into a seizure one moment and humming along the next. My obsession with the Chicago band started at Pitchfork a couple of summers back. On a day loaded with indie A-listers, they stood out as the best set of the day.

PITH does nothing to dull that obsession. The album steams out of the gates with THC and Sickeningly Sweet. The last two minutes of THC is akin to being on an old roller coaster that may be just a bit too fast for its own good. Sickeningly Sweet does the soft-loud dynamic really well and Miranda’s vocals are on point. Little Bug is a tune about, checks notes, a little bug. It’s really well thought. Miranda’s vocals have this effect that make her sound a little like Sadie Dupuis, while the rhythm section rumbles around. On Stone Your Frieds, they just let it rip.

I wrote this review after a few listens but this album will certainly continue to reveal itself over the next hundred or so listens. And please, once this shit show ends, go see them live. You will not regret it.

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