Alex The Astronaut – Split The Sky

by Woody on April 7, 2020

Photo credit: Jess Gleeson

Alex The Astronaut is the moniker of Australian, Alex Lynn. She writes some damn catchy tunes and apparently is a pretty damn good soccer player. That’s two marks in the plus column for me. Here’s some info on the track.

Alex notes: “Right now, like billions of people around the world, I feel like I’ve been put in a blender and shaken up. Sometimes I would like to stop all these very scary things from happening and go back to being in primary school and feeling protected from it. ‘Split the Sky’ is a message of hope that I was trying to get myself to understand that, no matter what happens, there will always be that kid waiting–that the seasons will fall around and you’ll be in the sun again at some point. Watching Harry Potter is good for me and helps me to go back to how I felt back then.”

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