Lilly Hiatt – Walking Proof (album review)

by Woody on March 31, 2020

Photo By David McClister

You ever watch Kevin Durant’s pregame routine. He bounds around the court making all sorts of shots; threes from all over, bankshots, free throws, etc. Needless to say, the amount of work that goes into making it look effortless goes beyond anything I can comprehend. But the thing that strikes is the consistency; the way he rises, the arm angle, etc.

What does that have to do with Lilly Hiatt’s excellent new album? Well, she is just so consistent in her approach. While the songs aren’t repetitive by any stretch, they are all built on a tasty guitar lick before Lilly’s voice hooks me like a marlin as she paints these vignettes of good times and bad. Overall, this album is a little less personal than Trinity Lane and has a sound that leans a little more to the rock side than the Americana side.

The album has a few timely tracks for our self-isolation. P-Town tackles a shitty day with humor and exasperation. Candy Lunch wants you to be able to deal with the shit we can’t control; make the best of the situation. Drawl wants us to find the beauty in the simple things; something I have been trying to do these last couple of weeks. Hiatt continues to cement her place at the table of the best songwriters around these days. She is as consistent as they come.

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