Control Top – One Good Day

by Woody on March 25, 2020

Photo by Kevin Condon

Philly’s post-punk trio have followed up their 2019 Covert Contracts with a new track titled One Good Day. I caught them last year at SXSW in a small room and they blew what’s left of my hair back. This track sounds a little like Priests. Here’s vocalist Ali Carter on the track.

I’m grateful to be part of the growth of this project and see how it unfolds. Music should constantly evolve, and I think our progression as both musicians and people really shows in this song. We stepped out of our comfort zone and came up with a pop song that has more optimistic elements than our debut album. A band’s first album usually sets the tone for how they are going to sound, but that can get redundant. With this song, we stayed true to our punk background while also creating something new.

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