Hala announces Red Herring for 5/1 release

by Woody on March 24, 2020

Photo by Zach Hagy

Hala, the project of Detroit-based musician Ian Ruhala is set to release his new album of power pop on 5/1 via the fine folks at Cinematic Music Group. Check out the new track, Why Do You Want Anything To Do With Me?, below. Here’s some info on the track.

“Lyrically I drew from headlines and stories regarding non-violent criminal offenders,” says Ruhala. “This discussion has come to a head in recent years with the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana use around the United States. This further enticed me to learn more about the push for prison reform, and justice for the wrongly convicted. This song is my attempt to critique the societal stigma that seems to be placed upon these people.”

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Hala is here

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