Mammoth Penguins – There’s No Fight We Can’t Both Win (album review)

by Woody on March 19, 2020

Photo – Fraser Watson

A couple of years back, my buddies and I went to see Diet Cig at SXSW on the strength of one tune. It was a truly amazing set as Alex jumped around the stage like a pogo stick. So last year, as we were walking over to see The Beths, I told them that The Beths would be this year’s Diet Cig. So what does that have to do with the UK’s Mammoth Penguins. I had been touting them as this year’s Diet Cig.

Fronted by Emma Kupa, the Cambridge trio play a loud and punchy brand of indie pop that works great with Kupa’s earnest vocals. Bassist Mark Boxall and drummer Tom Barden lay down a tight and meaty rhythm section. The album opens with the great post-breakup 1-2 of Closure and Dick Move. It’s the mature and immature ying-yang that we all feel after a relationship ends (especially on Love Is Blind). There Is So Much More totally reminds me of The Beths due to great use of the backing vocals. Trust Me has some great lyrics – like a good friend giving some sage advice.

I hadn’t heard of Mammoth Penguins until they were announced for this SXSW. It didn’t take long for them to be a band that I would set up a whole day’s calendar to make sure I caught. Hopefully they make it over here after this is all over.

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Mammoth Penguins are here

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