Dogleg – Melee (album review)

by Woody on March 16, 2020

photo by Kris Hermann

Two things struck me when I saw Pup last year. 1) I might be the oldest person here 2) it was amazing to watch so many kids scream the lyrics back to the band in some sort of cathartic release; for the fans and the band. It was amazing.

That’s the vibe that Detroit’s Dogleg kicks off. Alex Stoitsiadis screams out his catharsis as the band rocks at white-knuckle speed befit for masters for Super Smash Brothers. You’re left with the choice of jumping on for the ride or falling off as the band is doing 90 around the bend. The fact that they’re able to combine that with such tight melodies is what makes this a special album. Some personal highlights are Bueno, Prom Hell (which has a hook that would make the Cloud Nothings proud) and Wartotle. My favorite is the last track, Ender. The band stretches it out for six minutes, giving you a few seconds to catch your breath before going batshit on a track you know will be pure lunacy live.

I’ve never been much of an emo fan. More of an emo-adjacent fan if there’s some twang (Pinegrove, Ratboys) or if it is full-out rager like Pup or these fellas. This falls in the latter category and joins a growing list of impressive debuts in 2020.

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