Margaret Glaspy announces Devotion for 3/27 release

by Woody on February 26, 2020

Photo credit: Josh Goleman

Margaret Glaspy is set to release her follow up to 2016’s Emotions and Math; an album that has only gotten better with time. The sound is a little different for the upcoming album (less crunchy guitars / more synths) but her voice remains stellar. Here’s some info on the track below.

The track finds Glaspy exploring the emotional push and pull of a relationship, pleading, “Won’t you stay with me? I’ll be on my best behavior.” “I’m learning that life is painful but you take the bad with the good,” says Glaspy of her songwriting process for Devotion, “that love is hard but if you love someone, you make yourself available; that life is short and it’s okay to be sincere.”

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Margaret Glaspy is here

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