V.V. Lightbody announces Make A Shrine Or Burn It for 5/1 release

by Woody on February 25, 2020

Photo Credit: Rachel Winslow

Following up on the release of the single, Car Alarm; Chicago’s V.V. Lightbody has announced her first album for Nashville’s Acrophase Records. I dig this track a bunch but its far from my normal fare. Something about her voice keeps me coming back. Anyway, she’s going to be down at SXSW. In a perfect world, I’d catch a set in the early afternoon as a greyhound was just starting to ease the pain from the day and night before. Here’s some info on the track below.

““If It’s Not Me,” is my anti-jealousy anthem about not hating the future partner of your current partner. Feeling happy for an ex, although not always easy, feels healthy and mature to me, especially when you aren’t ready to commit — there’s no need to be possessive!

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V.V. Lightbody is here

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