Tre Burt – Caught It from the Rye (album review)

by Woody on February 11, 2020

Credit: Luis Rua

We get tons of emails (too much for me ever to go through) from artists; loads of them from folk singer-songwriters. For me, it can be hard to distinguish from one another when it is just a voice and a guitar. Every once in a while, a voice will pipe through the speakers and I will be transfixed. Tre Burt is one of those voices and apparently John Prine felt the same way.

Burt originally released this album in 2018. Prine took notice, signed Burt to Oh Boy Records and set to re-release this album. The influence of Dylan and Van Zandt is felt throughout but doesn’t come across as mimicry. Burt is clearly influence by the greats that came before him, but definitely has his own style. His voice has the way of pulling you closer to speakers to make sure you’re not missing a word. The title track asks some big questions without really giving any answers; it did make me think about my place in the great expanse. Undead God of War is a great statement on our current legal system; Burt has this knack of pushing his vocals at just the right moment. Real You is a love song for someone that you love but can’t find a way to make it work.

No denying that Burt is a special talent. Burt will be at SXSW and he is on my must-see list.

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