Michigan Rattlers release new single Desert Heat head out on tour

by Woody on February 11, 2020

photo credit Doug Coombe

Michigan Rattlers appear to gearing up to releasing a follow up to 2018’s phenomenal Evergreen. Based on their first track, they are going to broaden their sound a bit; adding some horns to the mix. Here’s lead singer, Graham Young on the track.

“‘Desert Heat’ is a song about exploration. Geographical and mental” said the band’s frontman and primary songwriter Graham Young. “It’s about a midwestern kid moving west and attempting to figure out where he fits in such a vast and unknown landscape. It’s about the bigger picture. I think we can get so lost in the place that feels really dark and scary. And then there’s a moment or experience that sort of wakes you up and makes you realize and appreciate what you have and see it all for what it is rather than what it isn’t.”

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Michigan Rattlers are here

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