Dogleg announces Melee for 3/13 release

by Woody on February 7, 2020

photo by Kris Hermann

I’m turning 50 in a couple of months. I assume sooner or later, I’ll be too old for this music. But that day isn’t today. I can’t wait to see them down at SXSW. Moish and I might have to venture back into the pit. Here’s some info on the first track.

Dogleg’s latest single “Kawasaki Backflip” immediately propels the listener through two options of how anxiety and depression will be dealt with––by burning it all down with fire, or letting yourself be blown away completely by the wind. The accompanying video shows the band at its most violent, destroying everything in its path in an effort to make sense of the internal turmoil of these important feelings.

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Dogleg is here

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