Melkbelly announce PITH for 4/3 release

by Woody on January 28, 2020

Photo Credit: Ariella Miller

Chicago’s family affair, Melkbelly are back and ready to melt faces. Following up on 2017’s phenomenal Nothing Valley, PITH will see the light of day on April 3 via the fine folks at Carpark Records. Here’s some on the video.

The animated music video was directed by Qianwen Yu, who says it “imagines a group of creatures in a blue car driving towards the lake which finally reaches ‘the end of the world.’ ‘LCR’ is a type of noise-rock-pop music, so I used ’noise’ texture woven fabric and digitally processed watercolor in the video. Just like the feeling of ‘slick and sweetly’ written in the lyrics, this animated video added some feminine elements.”

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Melkbelly is here

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