Nap Eyes announce Snapshot of a Beginner for 3/27 release

by Woody on January 22, 2020

Photo Credit: Alex Blouin & Jodi Heartz

Nap Eyes are back for their third album and they seem ready to take a quantum leap forward. I dug their first two efforts but if this track is a sign of what’s to come, count me among the excited. Here’s some info on the lead single.

On the video, the band notes: “People are scared of Mark Zuckerberg. You look at him before Congress and think, ‘Is this the bogeyman? Is he a CIA plant? Can he read my mind with some sort of God-mode search feature in all my chat transcripts?’ This video leads us to believe that Mark wants to enjoy and surveil whatever world he inhabits, whether it’s starting a band with ghastly apparitions in the spirit realm or changing size according to his whim while observing natural and urban landscapes with equal awe. He wants you to accept his friend request and let him watch over you. ‘When there was only one set of footprints in the sand…’”

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Nap Eyes is here

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