Tre Burt announces Caught It From The Rye for 1/31 re-release

by Woody on January 15, 2020

Credit: Luis Rua

Tre Burt is about to become your new favorite singer-songwriter, cause he just became mine. His voice is weathered and rich with expression. His lyrics are captivating. I want to hear lots of more of his music and I’ll get the chance to catch him at SXSW. Here’s Tre on the track below.

“My partner at the time was the reason I found myself living in Melbourne for the past year or so, her being from there and all. When we split up it’s safe to say I was on a bit of a free fall yet the reasons it wasn’t working out had never been more clear. We were never able to see each other for who we really were, despite our incredible magnetism towards each other. It left me mourning what could have been and why it wasn’t.”

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