Other Lives announce For Their Love for 4/24 release

by Woody on January 9, 2020

About a month or so ago, I went down an Other Lives wormhole. I usually wind up doing that every six months or so; pining for a new album. Well, my voodoo seems to have worked as Oklahoma’s finest are set to release their fourth LP, For Their Love, on 4/24 via the fine folks at ATO Records. Here’s lead singer Jesse Tabish on the new album.

“The album is a record reflecting human feeling in the current state of affairs — economy and politics on the individual, while the latter still has to deal with the basic struggles of finding meaning of their existence,” says Tabish. “Money, love, and death are always real and hard to cope with: what does the individual choose to make these larger themes of life easier to deal with? The record speaks in realness, questions, observing, lamenting and hopefully finding the slightest of hope in themselves, these characters sometimes venturing out into spiritual, religious or institutionalized endeavors. In my personal hope, only finding their self-worth is more important than anything that has been taught or preached to them.”

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