Disq announce debut LP, Collector out 3/6

by Woody on January 8, 2020

Photo Credit – Sean Kelly

Every year I get older and my knees hurt more. Yet, these bands stay the same age. I’m the Wooderson of music bloggers that nobody reads any more. Anyway, I had heard a couple of songs by these fellas from Madison last year and made a special late night voyage down to catch a set by them at The Bottle. A) They were awesome. B) they were young. Anyway, Collector is out 3/6 on Saddle Creek. Here’s some info on the first track. This is gonna be a good one.

The hard-hitting track is a massive introduction to the record, encapsulating a fatigued modern nausea, as deBroux-Slone declares in an apathetic, tuneful groan “This is my daily routine/Spend my hours on a computer screen…I’m in prison but I think this place was built by me.” He’s backed by woozy guitars before the whole band crashes in like a panic attack, with tempo darting up and down throughout the song. “’Daily Routine’ is a song about an intense personal struggle,” Isaac deBroux-Slone explains. “In dark times, life can feel like a cycle that I’m trapped in, repeating over and over with no means of escape. It’s easy to fall into a void, thinking that everybody else has it all figured out, while losing sight of the fact that many others feel exactly the same way.”

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