Cable Ties signs to Merge, release Tell Them Where To Go

by Woody on December 11, 2019

Merge has added a fiery Australian trio to their already impressive list of artists. Cable Ties will have a new album out in 2020 and be poking around Austin during SXSW. I will be taking in a set as I still plan on enjoying rocking in 2020. Here’s some info on the band.

Based in Melbourne, Cable Ties are Shauna Boyle, Nick Brown, and Jenny McKechnie. Collectively, they’ve poured their explicit feminist, environmentalist, and political stances into the project, with songs that can and will stretch out as long as is necessary to get the point across.

Speaking of the signing, the band’s Nick Brown offers: “Merge are an incredible and inspiring label. To have grown from a DIY, bedroom cassette-dubbing operation to one of the most beloved labels in the world is remarkable. That Laura and Mac would take a shine to a little group like us (in amongst all the stuff they get sent) is wild. We couldn’t think of a better home to look after our riffs than Merge.”

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