Porridge Radio signs to Secretly Canadian, release Lilac

by Woody on December 5, 2019

Photo Credit: El Hardwick

Porridge Radio hail from Brighton. Today Brighton play Arsenal, the team I support in English Football. I like this song. Maybe by posting a Brighton band with a favorable mention, the Gods will spare me from another miserable Arsenal performance later. What does this have to do with Porridge Radio? Nothing. Here’s some info on the video.

The “Lilac” video was directed by El Hardwick and features Margolin. “I don’t want to get bitter, I want us to get better, I want us to be kinder to ourselves and to each other” she sings to a crescendo – the pinnacle of the angst-driven therapy she has spent expertly carving out since the formation of the band.

“I wanted to find some power in powerlessness,” says Margolin. “I was thinking about love and control and the things out of my control, and how fragile and incapable depression can make you feel. I was thinking about the way you can feel so close to someone that it’s like their body is your body, like there’s no separation between you, but you can’t stop things disintegrating. It’s a song about finding some hope and some future within that.”

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Porridge Radio is here

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