Hinds – Riding Solo (music video)

by Woody on December 3, 2019

Photo credit: ANDREA SAVAL

Me: I wonder if Hinds can get any better after 2018’s I Don’t Run.

Hinds: Hold my beer

Seriously, if you don’t enjoy the music of Hinds, you should have a long look in the mirror.

“Riding Solo” finds Hinds at their absolute best yet. A band that has grown as musicians before our eyes, Hinds take a massive leap in songwriting and production to craft one of their catchiest songs ever that still remains quintessentially Hinds. “feeling lonely is one of the most common human feelings, right?” Hinds ask. “well, being a musician doesn’t really help. your whole life is constantly moving and the only thing that remains is yourself. and dealing with yourself, oh gosh, we all know how boring and angering that can be. ‘riding solo’ is about this. about us. perpetually on the move, being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. surrounded by strangers most time of the day, being 9 hours time difference from our people and what we call home, living and dying por y para la música.”

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