Beautiful Dudes – Radio (album review)

by Woody on November 12, 2019

Credit: Kaylja Rainn

Upon your first listen of Radio, it feels like a party album. I’m reminded of White Reaper or Diarrhea Planet. It is full of big riffs and choruses that demand that you sing along to. But as you dig into it, you realize there is way more lurking behind the surface. Tom Bevitori had started Beautiful Dudes ten years ago in his hometown of Nevada City, CA before heading off to Portland to taste some success; including this gem by Denver. Bevitori was dealt with a lifetime’s full of bad news over the course of a short-term – a bitter divorce, Crohn’s Disease diagnosis and substance abuse.

Bevitori went up and resurrected his hometown band – Robbie Landsburg, Art Echternacht and Zach Peach. During the course of their first album cycle, Bevitori relapsed. During his recovery, he really dug into his feelings. Opener, The Shape I’m In is this cathartic piece of rock ‘n’ roll. Crank it up, let it out and let yourself heal. That’s followed by Lose My Head; a tune that sounds like it is full of bravado but Bevitori again exposes the reality behind addiction.

This is a great album; made better cause it seems like Bevitori is in a good place now.

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