Mikal Cronin – Seeker (album review)

by Woody on November 11, 2019

Photo Credit: Max Mendelsohn

Mikal Cronin holed up in a Southern California cabin for a month, “seeking” an album and came out with a fantastic LP. Cronin continues to put together a wide-ranging collection of tunes that work in garage, power-pop and psych rock. The fourth track, Fire, is a wonderful encapsulation of all this. It is such a big tune; a yearning track that looks for a new beginning. It is mournful at parts but the finish is the payoff you want and need.

Another tune that it is just a big proper rock tune is Guardian Well. The 45 second intro comes complete with harmonica before an understated Cronin delivers the first verse. The track is sprawling; reminds me of one of those epic Phosphorescent tunes.

Sometimes you listen to an album and you can just tell – this person is a pro. They get it. Cronin gets it. This is a rock album for people that appreciate music.

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