Gabriel Birnbaum announces not alone for 11/22 release

by Woody on November 8, 2019

Gabriel Birnbaum, lead singer of Wilder Maker, has his first solo album on the way via Arrowhawk Records. Based on these first couple of tracks, this album is gonna be a winner. The music feels warm and lived in. Do I know what that means? No. Do I like these tunes? Yes. Here’s some more info from the PR squad.

A perpetual outsider and working musician since his teens who’s spent more birthdays than not sleeping on a floor far from home, Gabriel Birnbaum steps out under his own name for the first time on Not Alone, an LP of songs inspired by the brilliant session players in the Wrecking Crew and their contributions to LPs like Jim Sullivan’s UFO and John Phillips John the Wolf King of L.A. After years of chasing the dream and narrowly escaping a season of terrifyingly catatonic depression, Birnbaum bought himself a birthday present – a few days in the studio with a top notch band of good friends. A few months later, newly in love and feeling like a man saved by a last minute pardon, he cut the LP in your hands – nine songs of classic American music straight from the heart, suitable for everyday use.

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Gabriel Birnbaum is here

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