Omni – Networker (album review)

by Woody on November 7, 2019

Photo Credit: Emily Frobos

Sometimes I’ll see a band down at SXSW and come away thinking meh. That happened with Omni a couple years back. It was a shitty room and the sound was horrible, instruments bleeding all over the place. I had listened to their 2017 effort Multi-Task a few times but truth be told, I kinda lost interest after that set.

Fast forward to this year, they sign to Sub Pop and the first track immediately strikes a nerve. Once I hear the whole thing, I was immediately hooked. The album is a half-hour long spanning 11 tracks. So many of the tracks have these guitar riffs that they could ride for whole tracks, yet they always seem to veer away from. It’s as if they take a perfectly good tune, move some parts about; deconstructing it in a way and come up with something really unique and interesting to listen.

Take the 5th track, Skeleton Key has a bit of a 70s swagger to its riff but they just refuse to let it settle. Courtesy Call is another prime example, Frankie Broyles guitar lick starts off as the wiry post-punk before Philip Frobos’ punchy bassline pushes the song in a different direction. Present Tense kicks off a Television vibe in one of the stronger tunes on the album.

The Sub Pop colors seem to be agreeing with Omni as this is such a fun and interesting listen.

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