Frances Quinlan announces solo debut, Likewise for 1/31/20 release

by Woody on November 6, 2019

Photo Credit – Julia Khorosilov

Frances Quinlan of Hop Along is set to release her solo debut next year via the fine folks at Saddle Creek. I love Hop Along, one of my favorites around now. Much of that love is built around Quinlan’s unique and brilliant vocals. There are new sounds supporting Quinlan and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t take a couple of listens to come around on it; but she’s phenomenal. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest. Here’s some more info from Saddle Creek.

With a renewed openness to explore different sounds, Quinlan supplements her typical guitar-based instrumentation with synthesizers, digital beats, harps, strings, and a wide variety of keyboards. The shifting and exploratory nature of these musical arrangements allow her lyrics and vocals—which have always been at the forefront of her music—to reach emotional depths like never before. Her vocal tones beckon a kaleidoscopic range of emotions across all nine songs on the album, from soft and ruminative to enraged and commanding; from conveying powerful messages to highlighting small, yet poignant, moments.

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Hop Along is here

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