Bethlehem Steel – s/t (album review)

by Woody on November 1, 2019

Brooklyn’s Bethlehem Steel have upped their game on their sophomore album. Fronted by Rebecca Ryskalczyk the album packs more of a wallop than their debut. Sponge opens the proceedings; Ryskalczyk methodically speak-singing over a bass chord before the song explodes in fits throughout. The tracks pulls out you from every direction like Melkbelly’s best tracks. I was fucking exhausted by the end of that track; I felt like I had ingested an album’s worth of material (and I mean that as a positive).

My favorite track follows next. Govt Cheese. Melissa Puerto, the new full-time fourth member, lends a hand on the vocals. The track deals with self-belief and the need to take care of yourself in the face of adversity. It softens the edges from Sponge while still rocking. A couple of tunes later, Couches downshifts a bit with some cello added the mix – a product of Melissa Puerto’s full-time position. At this point, I’m four songs in; I’ve loved every track and love the variety. The back end doesn’t disappoint either. Bad Girl is probably the most “radio friendly” track they have on the album. The album closes out with New Dark, an ominous sounding track where Ryskalczyk does some of her best vocal work on either album.

So in conclusion. This band rips. Their second album is better than their first, showing some real nice growth. I can’t wait for the third.

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Bethlehem Steel is here

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