TORRES announces new album, Silver Tongue for 1/31/20 release

by Woody on October 31, 2019

Photo Credit: Michael Lavine

TORRES, aka Mackenzie Scott, is back with her fourth LP and first with Merge Records. By her “>account, she didn’t dig her time with 4AD. Well now, she’s with one of the best labels around. Here’s her take on the first track.

“Regarding ‘Good Scare,’ I guess I could say that falling in love is a lot like the Superman crawl,” says Scott. “If you’re not familiar with Superman’s crawl, it’s a terrifying maneuver used in spelunking that’s only performed when certain passages are too narrow, so a person has to hold one arm against the body and the other above the head, all while trying to crawl forward. When you fall in love with someone, it’s scary like the Superman’s crawl, but you have no choice but to keep moving forward even though you have no idea what’s ahead of you.”

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TORRES is here

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