Empty Country announces debut s/t LP out in Feb 14 2020

by Woody on October 30, 2019

Photo by Rachel Browne

Empty Country is the latest project of Joseph D’Agostino; he of Cymbals Eat Guitars fame. After four albums, he’s pivoted slightly to a new project – Empty Country. The first track is a ripper; featuring Charles Bissell of the Wrens (D’Agostino’s mentor and former guitar teacher) on backing vocals. The tune below rips. Here’s some more info from the PR team

“I treated the process of making this record a lot more like a first record,” D’Agostino says. “I got the chance to build everything meticulously, and think everything out in a way I hadn’t in many years.” Though D’Agostino’s first four albums tended toward despair at the brevity of life and the finality of death, this new work holds out a venturesome hope: that music might preserve and keep safe what we most fear to lose, if only for the brief space of a song.

Empty Country is here

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