Stef Chura covers How to Rent a Room

by Woody on October 29, 2019

(photo credit: Danielle Dabney)

Stef Chura put out one of my favorite albums of the year with Midnight. She has followed that up with a cover of Silver Jews’ How to Rent a Room; one of my favorite tunes that Berman penned.

While Chura has previously performed “How To Rent a Room” solo in live sets, this version of The Natural Bridge opener came together shortly after Berman’s passing this summer. “‘How To Rent a Room’ has always been one of those songs that I could never let go of,” explains Chura. “Ever since the first time I heard it it’s always been one of my favorite songs and remains one that imprinted me as a young songwriter. Now, in light of his death, the lyrics take on a new and much sadder meaning. At the time they seemed conceptual, but the line ‘Now there’s a lot of things that I’m gonna miss, like the thunder down country and the way water drips’ is now a haunting and deeply poetic rendering of everyday minutiae and the texture of our lives that we don’t appreciate on a daily basis. The song seems nostalgic for a life he was currently living, and how important it can feel to mean something to someone. Or at least that’s my interpretation.”

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