Wilder Maker release new single – Infinite Shift b/w Black Wood Shine

by Woody on October 1, 2019

photo by Annie Del Hierro

Wilder Maker is a band that I feel like I’ve been meaning to post about it for a while now. But due to my feeble brain and increasingly busy schedule, I’ve forgot. Anyway, they’re going to be at Sleeping Village tonight with local favorites, ROOKIE. You may see me there if I can stay awake that late. Anyway, here’s some info on the two tracks.

“Infinite Shift” is a track brimming with the churning, unending energy of NYC, propelled by Sean Mullins’ drums and full of a teenage sense of yearning for something more, some entry into the mysterious adult world of taxis gliding through Manhattan streets in the early morning. It’s about being drunk on new york, drunk on the future, and builds to a shattering and euphoric instrumental climax.

“Black Wood Shine” is dreamy and moody, composed of only vocals (run through guitar pedals for extra disorientation) and one electric guitar. Black Wood Shine is the moment when a relationship between two people is over even as they remain seated next to each other, feeling the rift. What if love is not enough? “I love you / but I’m killing you / I can see / it’s you or me.”

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Wilder Maker is here

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