Twen – Awestruck (album review)

by Woody on September 23, 2019

Twen, the Nashville based band led by vocalist Jane Fitzsimmons and guitarist Ian Jones, got their band off the ground the old fashioned way. Born out of their hometown, Boston’s DIY scene, the band toured at a relentless piece. A live EP from 2017 and an Audiotree session was all there was to satiate people as the buzz grew about them.

Finally signed to Frenchkiss Records the band have released their debut LP and its worth the wait. Easily labeled as indie, they appear to work in every sub-genre throughout the album. While this could lead to a jumbled mess, the duo pull it together with aplomb. The album breezes along over 36 minutes. Make Hard, is a standout for me; reminding me of a band named Tulsa from a few years back. Baptism is a dreamy blissful track; Jone’s guitar work and Fitzsimons vocals playing off each other to great affect.

These kids have a very bright future and a bright present. Check them out while they’re touring.

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Twen is here

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