The Hecks announce My Star for 10/11 release

by Woody on September 12, 2019

Photo: Ashleigh Dye

Chicago’s The Hecks are back with their sophomore album, My Star. It will see the light of day via Trouble in Mind on 10/11. It is a varied wacky tune and while not my in my wheelhouse, I find it oddly captivating. Made me hit the replay button on the video. Anyway, here’s some more info from the PR team.

The results speak for themselves, as My Star is a gigantic leap forward for the band, absorbing everything from “Manscape”-era Wire to Paisley Park nu-funk to abstract new wave & art rock plucked straight from the Cold Storage playbook. Much of My Star’s ten tracks are designed to bewilder; the production is intentionally disorienting, with the mix tipped toward the treble, alternating from sparse to confoundingly dense at times, but never at a disservice to the songs themselves.

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