Frankie Cosmos – Close It Quietly (album review)

by Woody on September 12, 2019

Photo credit: Jackie Lee Young

I now have three teenagers in my house, one of them a 13 year old spitfire of a daughter. As she has gotten older, I have introduced her to my “Indie Rocker Girls” as she likes to call them. A band that she digs is Frankie Cosmos. The indie pop songs are short little journal entries that make carpools a little less blase.

As my daughter has grown, so has Frankie Cosmos. Greta Kline has taken what started off as a bedroom project and solidified a band consisting Lauren Martin (synth), Luke Pyenson (drums), and Alex Bailey (bass). Like other bands that start off with a dominant personality, a la Deer Tick or Car Seat Headrest, it takes a bit for the rest of the band to really start expressing themselves. I feel like that started on Vessel but it really comes into focus on Close It Quietly. There’s just a little more oomph or punch to it.

Mixed in to the proceedings are a couple of solo numbers. Located on the back half of the album, With Great Purpose and Marble are a nice blend with the added oomph of tracks like Cosmic Shop, Windows and Last Season’s Treasures. Frankie Cosmos puts on a splendid show. They’re going to be in Chicago on September 23rd and well worth your time.

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