Modern Nature – How To Live (album review)

by Woody on September 7, 2019

Photo by James Sharp

Enjoying How To Live makes me think that I am good at listening to music. The new project of Jack Cooper (Ultimate Painting, Mazes) and Will Young(BEAK>, Moon Gangs) is a weird mix of genres that isn’t something I would label as immediately gripping. I mean; the album opens up with some morose strings. Not exactly the advert for a pick me up album.

But next thing you know, you’re off on this bizarre trancy track, Footsteps; a nice blend of krautrock and skronk. That’s followed by the meditative folk track, Turbulence. Reminds me of the fragility heard so often on Big Thief’s U.F.O.F. They finish on a high note with Nature; some real tasty guitar solos in that one. And then you finish up with Devotee, a meandering tune that feels like the perfect end to this album.

Overall, this is a delightfully challenging and rewarding album. Well worth your time.

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