Beautiful Dudes announce sophomore LP, Radio for 11/8 release

by Woody on September 4, 2019

Credit: Kaylja Rainn

Beautiful Dudes are a quartet of fellas from Nevada City, CA. They’ve just release a pretty darn catchy track of the rock ‘n’ roll variety. Radio will be out on 11/8 via the fine folks at Mama Bird. I’ll leave it up to as to whether they are beautiful or nor. Here’s lead singer, Tom Bevitori, on the lead single, The Shape I’m In.

“It’s about burning out. I wrote this song about coming back to reality after living in a “pink cloud.” The pink cloud is a term used in recovery to explain fleeting feelings of contentment and joy. It felt so empowering to believe in the concept of freedom and to be such a positive force with a mindset for change. But when the cloud went away, I was left with the weight of life, wavering health, and the emotional burdens of society. In the end, all the realness of life is still there, and when the cloud opens up, we are left living with life on life’s terms.

It’s also about sickness–society being sick, feeling that personally, and myself being sick, frail, and vulnerable. With Crohn’s Disease, since the gut is so attached to emotions, I feel like there’s a sense of inescapable sadness. With this song, I’m finally being open about that hurt.”

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Beautiful Dudes are here

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