Good Morning announce Basketball Breakups for 10/4 release

by Woody on August 29, 2019

Photo Credit: Xi Cao

Good Morning is the Melbourne-based recording project of Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons. Their second album, Basketball Breakups will see the light of day on 10/4 and then they’ll be hitting the States later this year.

Basketball Breakups was recorded over four humid, summer days in a studio in Japan, and was mastered by Liam “Snowy” Halliwell. Blair and Parsons, who are joined by bandmates James McLeod and John Considine, sound truly at ease on these songs, which are mostly comprised of early takes. Named after the blissful “breakup dinner” at the end of a junior sports season, the spirit of that communal joy is alive on this album. While their previous album, The Option, was tightly rehearsed and made with the vision of a true rock record in mind, Basketball Breakups was recorded while it was arranged, on digital and tape.

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Good Morning is here

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