Behavior announces Spirits & Embellishments, Out October 18th

by Woody on August 27, 2019

Photo Credit: Nicole-Antonia Spagnola

Los Angeles-based band Behavior – comprised since 2012 of Bedros Yeretzian, Evan Burrows, and Justin Tenney – will be releasing their new album Spirits & Embellishments via the fine folks at Post Present Medium. The lead track, The Thirsty Garden, sounds like something that was coming out of Lower Manhattan in the early 2000s. Here is some more from the PR team.

These are tactile rock n roll songs, shaped at root by the extreme techniques of punk in all its groping permutations. They were conceived with irreverence for the distinction between Crass and The Rolling Stones, to leverage the evaporating space of antagonism between first wave post-punk and its commercially unambivalent counterparts. Behavior’s collaboration is a shifting ad hoc agreement, organized around a permissive sensibility that is anchored to consistency of image rather than genre myopia. Their music continues to map a line of departure, a stumbling movement in restless hopscotch across a pop music tradition that has tallied an unlivable inheritance of promises.

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