Esther Rose – You Made It This Far (album review)

by Woody on August 26, 2019

photo by Rush Jagoe

This album has been one of my most pleasant revelations of 2019. For one, I had lost track of Esther since she had stopped appearing on Luke Winslow-King’s albums. For two, this a wonderful collection of twang and folk; reminding me of the early Hurray for the Riff Raff albums.

Another thing that Esther has in common with Alynda Lee Segarra is that they both make New Orleans their home. Further, she’s also quite the songwriter and storyteller. On Lower 9 Valentine, Rose paints a picture of her hometown; the 9th Ward among the most hard hit areas in Katrina. On Sex and Magic, guitar and fiddle dance around each other as Rose effortlessly spins a yarn that feels so natural for the Crescent City. Earlier on the album, Rose makes the mundane routine of a kid heading off to high school sound magical on Five Minute Ride. She then opts for a little Texicali flavor with Rio En Medio.

All told, this is simply a wonderfully executed album. Groundbreaking? No, but once again it goes to show if you take well-written songs, hand them off to talented musicians and get out of the way you’re most likely going to be OK. Oh, it also helps when the vocalist has a stunning voice.

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