Jason Hawk Harris – Love and the Dark (album review)

by Woody on August 22, 2019

Photo Credit – Daley Hake

I had the pleasure of seeing Jason Hawk Harris during SXSW at the legendary Continental Club. He had that awkward 8PM slot where you are day-drunk and trying to find the energy to forge ahead with the night’s activities. In the hours before his set, I had crashed my motorized scooter with minimal damage to my body and subsequently saw a transcendent set by Black Pumas that ended minutes before Harris hit the stage. It would have been easy to nurse a beer in the back, nurse my wounds and largely ignore his set.

But that proved impossible. As I mentioned prior, people whispered “reminds me of Isbell” on more than one occasion during his set. Since that set, I have been itching to hear his debut LP. Let me tell you, it delivers. During the recording of this album, Harris went through a number of tragic events including the death of his mother. It’d be easy to label this album as a typical Americana album that deals with a protagonist that’s down on his luck and how he/she either fights though it or succumbs. Much like Isbell’s albums, Love and the Dark isn’t like that. Simply put, the songs make you feel. I introduced a buddy to Songs That She Sings in the Shower by Isbell with the comment, “that one will make the knees buckle.” That’s what you get this album; an almost physical reaction to the music. I’ve heard Giving In no less than a dozen times and I still get the goosebumps (shout out to Rachel Baiman. Her guest vocals are magical). I’m Afarid, is rabble-rouser that deals with his Christian upbringing. It has some of the best lyrics you’ll hear this year.

Bloodshot has done it again. Harris is top-notch and will be a voice to reckon with in the Americana genre for years to come.

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ringtonesdump.com October 29, 2019 at 12:23 am

Just commenting cause this review isn’t getting enough love. This is the album of the year and there’s not a close second. Awesome stuff lyrics and music. You said it this is the evolution. Great musician.

Alex January 28, 2020 at 10:53 am

This is the album of the year and there’s not a close second. Awesome stuff lyrics and music. You said it this is the evolution

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